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Fri 19th May 2017

Île de Ré 60th Birthday Bash

I havent blogged for ages, as since the beginning of April, I have been on an extended holiday on my favourite Island of Ile de Re.

This type of vacation, is usually just me, Tony and Aldo...but as I celebrate my 60th year, I invited several of my pals to come to the island to celebrate with me. So, when 12 others said 'yes', I was more than delighted!

Mainly they all rocked up for several days, and we were so lucky as for the whole time, the sun was shining. As we are all keen 'keep fit' people, they hired bikes and we all biked to our favourite destinations...stopping along the way for coffees, ice creams, enjoying the views, and I may say, the occasional glass of wine.

For my actual party evening, the chef manager at our local restaurant, La Grillerade agreed to stage a Fish and Seafood banquet. We had literally every kind of local shellfish, oysters, mussels, crab, whelks, together with hot fresh fish, and piece de resistance, garlic baked Ile de Re new potatoes (a delicacy in themselves).

To follow, and in true Birthday tradition, the restaurant had also commissioned from a local Patisserie, an Ile de Re salted caramel and chocolate cake..Wow! What a cake, and instead of 60 candles for me to blow out, it had on top a Birthday Firework...how I didnt set fire to my hair, I will never know!...But it was a most memorable spectacular meal. I am truly blessed to have so many friends who are willing to travel over here, to make the occasion special.

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