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Mon 23rd November 2020

Ness Point Shoot

Back story for Ness Point Shoot

You ladies all know, my life, other than work, consists of biking and swimming. And the biking in 2020 has been much closer to home...so my 'home run' has been up and down the promenade of Lowestoft, and along the sea wall to the most Easterly Point here in England.

Unlike Lands End or John O'Groats at the Northerly or Southerly tips, here on the East Point there is no fanfare...there is no charge to visit, and no photographer charging high prices to capture your moment 'out East'!!

The wind whistles down the North Sea from Scandinavia and often is icy cold...but we rarely get any snow, and we are the driest area in the UK, and the sunniest too....so we are very lucky.

Jill and Flo often accompany me on the daily bike ride and over the months we have watched with interest a new park being built. Aptly named the Ness Park...it has been completed and it is a really amazing and unusual play park.

I thought it would be the perfect backdrop to one of our 'out and about' photoshoots, and it ended up being a wonderful sunny day too!

So last Friday, Sandie and Ottilie planned all our outfits, and we loaded up the Walkers van, and all met up at the Ness Park. The 'van' now offers us complete privacy to change, and even better has full central heating to keep us warm ...and we can even make a brew! Wonderful!

Whilst I was hanging around awaiting my turn, I took a photograph of Ottilie with my phone...and was really chuffed to note that we were even well co-ordinated with the buoy that was sitting in the background behind her.

Now that is taking colour co-ordination to a new level isnt it!!! Only available at Walkers....

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