My 'mispent' youth..(aged 59 and 3/4)

Image 2-My 'mispent' youth..(aged 59 and 3/4)
Lots of you readers already know, that I am a coastal girl...born and raised by the beach, on the Sunrise Coast, in Norfolk. When I was a child, I walked along the seafront to school, and my abiding memory, is the effort needed to make headway, when walking against those strong North Sea breezes.

Added to the fresh air outside, my Mum was a keen advocate of fresh air indoors too...and windows were always open, and if I complained about the cold, the answer was, 'put a cardigan on'!

So fast forward to now...and again, I live right besides the beach, but on the Suffolk Coast. My latest 'thing' is my new Beach Hut...(me and the Walkers team use this for many of our location photoshoots )...and here is me, and Tony sitting in the hut, enjoying a cuppa, and a cuddle with Aldo. Listening to the waves crashing and watching the marrams blowing in the breeze is so relaxing.

We both enjoy cycling, so we cycle to the beach hut, with Aldo in the basket...and when there is no one around, we cycle right along the esplanade..totally disregarding the many large 'no cycling' signs!

This is how it occurred to me that I (sometimes) behave like a we are bombing along the promenade on our bikes, whizzing down the cliff side at 25mph , and gently breaking a few rules!

You will of course be pleased to hear that we havent yet resorted to swigging booze from a bottle or smoking crafty cigarettes like I 'might' have done when i was 14..!! (These days our beverage of choice is tea!)

Image 1-My 'mispent' youth..(aged 59 and 3/4)
Image 2-My 'mispent' youth..(aged 59 and 3/4)
Image 3-My 'mispent' youth..(aged 59 and 3/4)

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