Playing with Gender & Breaking the Rules

Last week we sent a mailer highlighting the notion of style and fashion changing. Effortless dressing is becoming more on-trend and common with millenials. There was an interview with Cat Callender from Elle magazine on You and Yours (Radio 4) the other week that sparked conversation in the office. She was talking about Paris fashion week in particular and how there was a big focus on loose, forgiving and more casual style of clothes being shown down the runway. I'm sure if you are reading this you are an advocate of the unique Walkers style already and understand our style; but its interesting how this sort of way of dressing is becoming more relevent within mainstream designer fashion.

As well as casual wear being a hit at Paris Fashion Week there were also designers experimenting with gender in their runway shows. For example, everyone was mistaking Louis Vuitton's female models as males. They were dressed and styled like tough men. His idea was to create ambiguity and experiment with empowerement. He states, 'I think you can be very vunerable when you wear a suit as a women.' You've probably heared the phrase 'gender neutral' before, well its becoming more of the norm for millenials. You can forget the days of 'fashion rules' and codes of dressing, this is the new modern fashion etiquette! (P.s there isn't really one!) We are experiencing a generation that isn't caring about definitions or the 'rules'. People are shifting into a more liberal dresscode. A new survey revealed less than 25 per cent of Brits dress up for dinner. Maybe people have just realised they can wear what they want?

Its obvious that brands and designers are adapting to our lifestyles and how we want to behave. So its time to celebrate individuality. Here at Walkers we celebrate individual style; our ethos has always to be true to yourself in what you wear! You can still look good but be comfortable at the same time. And you don't need to wear a skirt or dress to feel feminine! For SS19 we have got some gender fluid styles coming in from Syngman Cucuala-The menswear version of Lurdes Bergada. Gorgeous drop crotch trousers in the seasons colours, print and fabrics. They are so easy to wear and of course, very comfortable! For a few seasons now we have experiemented in buying some interesting unisex styles and our customers have loved them. Especially the Cucuala pieces, they still fit beautifully.

So here's to simple, easy styles, to comfortable and stylish fashion and to gender neutral designs.