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Walkers.Style Article | Choose Fashion Wisely and Save the Planet!

Choose Fashion Wisely and Save the Planet!

'Fast fashion' is the 'buy now, throw away tomorrow attitude' that has been gaining momentum over the last few years. Gone are the days where everyone invested in key pieces that had to last! Today's vintage shops have clothes from 40 years ago that are still in near perfect condition, but with 'fast fashion'  they fall apart easily and get thrown away.

All of us at Walkers, really believe that when clothes are well made and are high quality, they will last a long time.

High street stores can have 52 'collections per year' , with new arrivals every single week. The clothes may be cheap, but the cost is massive for the environment. Without factoring in the amount of water, fuel and chemicals that it takes to produce cotton and other fabrics... every year in the USA, they have 50 million tonnes of textile waste. Not only are people buying cheaper, poorer quality clothing, the lifespan of that garment is also significantly less. Not so many people are repairing or fixing things, it has become acceptable to just throw away and replace.

Internet bloggers have even started a new trend videoing themselves unpacking their huge shopping 'hauls' at shops such as Primark. I watched just one video by 'Zoella' where she had bought 3 massive bags of clothes. As she was showing off her purchases to the camera, she exclaims things like 'oh I forgot I bought this'.... ' This was so cheap, I liked it..' . Constantly highlighting how inexpensive items were, like it didn't matter that she didn't LOVE the item or it was forgettable because it was only £5.

On the surface, it may seem 'cheap' or good value, however it's more important to understand 'price per wear'. If you invest in a good quality piece, it can last years and end up being much better value in the long term!

The Fashion industry is starting to wise up to the fact that this 'trend' of throw away fashion is just not sustainable and has started to develop new environmentally friendly fabrics.

We also know that you don't need hundreds of clothes in your wardrobe, if you buy good quality design you will always be able to work different pieces together to create new and exciting looks without always having to buy something new. Only last week when Sandie came into the office, we mixed in some trousers from 4 winters' ago with this seasons collection. Proving again that you can constantly re-imagine and re-wear things in multiple ways, extending the lifetime of a garment.

Fashions' growing environmental footprint is only made worse due to this growing trend. Cotton in particular takes a lot of water, uses pesticides and produces a lot of waste. A lot of cotton is now being produced in a more sustainable way, but if disposable fashion doesn't stop, the environment will not only have the typical culprits to blame, but add fashion to the list of ways we are destroying our planet.

As part of the Walker's Family, we know you already shop with quality and great design in mind, but spread the word and maybe together we can all make a difference.

Inspired by two BBC documentaries and this Guardian article. Links below-

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