I love Black and White

You might already know that I love black and white, My wardrobe is predominantly black.

The pieces I like the most are styles that can be worn with other items I already have in my wardrobe. As usual Mr Rundholz has excelled himself as I love the Main Collection. It's black and white and really striking.

My favourite shirt is this over-sized striped one, with a large oversized pocket, the sleeves are fabulous as they have a stretch jersey panel and ruching.

This looks great worn with black trousers and in the Summer a pair of cropped harems would be perfect. You could wear the shirt open as a jacket or fastened.

The Rundholz striped jumpsuit is amazing, it's the only one from Rundholz this season.

The contrasting shoulder straps, ruched legs and pockets make this a real winner.

This black and white wavy chequerboard jacket is a statement piece which is great to wear with black dresses or mixed with other black and white pieces.

One of my favourite black dresses this season is a tunic length and has a bubble skirt and interesting neckline. A black dress is a staple in any wardrobe.

Another designer I love is Lurdes Bergada and we have just had this super monochrome block jumpsuit in...This fabric is a super soft cotton. It will definitely be coming on holiday with me.

I also love the top and trousers in the same gorgeous fabric. The top can be worn in multiple ways which makes it great when you're going away on a short break and can only take hand luggage. The trousers are cropped with a tulip shaped leg, I love this style - it makes a change from my usual harems.