What I am wearing this Summer

Jill - What I am Wearing this Summer

The tension is mounting: one of my children is actually getting married this month. Bloomin' 'eck- never thought this

would happen. And so, a whole new world has opened up in front of me.

Outfits for ...

1) meeting the new in-laws

2) for the hen "brunch"

3) the legal wedding and lunch

4) the actual wedding celebration

This is not difficult. I actually work at Walkers.style for goodness sake.

So, stomach muscles pulled in Pilates style, best underwear on, legs covered in fake tan cream, I am ready to start

trying stuff on, in the privacy of the Walkers showroom here at HQ.

After a few false starts decisions have been made.

Number 4 - the actual wedding celebration. The dress code is informal. I try on this Rundholz RH190268 jacket in

Large as the Medium and Small have sold out to some very discerning and stylish customers, (obviously). I love the

jacket. I am happy with the fit, roomy but looking good. I add the Rundholz trousers. Love 'em. I then call in our very

own style guru, aka Ottilie. She looks, smiles and doesn't utter a word. I immediately know she is less than

impressed. "Whaaaaat?" I ask her. She sighs, searches through the rail of jackets, and finds the same jacket in

Extra Small. "Try this" , she says. And of course it fits perfectly.

So, a Rundholz Black Label suit is purchased. A pair of blue/black flatform creepers by Rundholz bought a couple

of seaons ago will look perfect.

Number 3 -the formal wedding. Decisions have yet to be made for this occasion. Should I go for a new oufit?

Should I wear the Rundholz suit for both occasions? Does it actually matter? Mmmmm ...

Number 1 - Easy. This season's NOR Camile trousers NR190106 and Lurdes Bergada Colour Block Top

LB190043 which has been an absolute winner during the last few weeks. This gives a funky, edgy image.

Number 2 - this one is easy. The Mamab Bizet Jumpsuit MB190084 with trainers I reckon. Sorted.

Number 3 - I have purchased a Lurdes Bergada Asymmetric dress LB190016. It looks absolutely fabulous: it is

quirky and elegant, and it doesn't matter whether I wear it for any of the above events. Or I could wear it for ALL of


Accessory for any of the above. Rundholz psychedelic scarf - the cashmere content produces the most fabulous

softness and drape. THIS SCARF will vamp up all the above outfits, should they require it.