1 Dress... 8 Looks

Today we had fun styling one of our favorite Rundholz black Label dresses, we have created 8 different looks.

Sometimes we can all play it safe and style the same items of clothing together as we know they work.

So we hope these outfits give you inspiration to mix it up abit.

The dress is available in black, blue, green print and grey print. It's a great veritile addition to your wardrobe.

Be bold and add a printed colouful jacket to a dress. We think this jacket is a real winner and the dress picks out the green in the jacket.

Add a chunky cardigan to keep cosy. We have worn it with a belt to pull the waist in or as it comes with a pin you can use this to fasten.

The Vetono scarf can be added to any black dress. It will dress up a black dress, great when you have a occasion to go to.

This waist coat gives a whole new shape to the dress. We we have also knotted the belt to give a different look.

We love a mesh t-shirt, you can keep the colour the same as the dress or mix it up.

Wear your dress like a skirt and add a boxy knit. We love this Rundholz one as it's light and has the subtle print.

A cropped sweater to great to wear with a dress as it still shows off the dress.