Things to wear if you 'feel the cold'

I'm that person who is 'always cold', so during the Winter months I plan my outfits with this in mind.

The temperature is set to drop here in the UK over the next week meaning my warmest pieces will be coming out of the wardrobe! Whilst (Sadly) I don't own everything we sell here at Walkers... I thought I would share with some of my favourites that will not only keep you warm, but looking FAB too!

STUDIO B3- Orlena Dress ( SB195219)

I just LOVE this dress... chunky patchwork cotton knit which is soft and non-itchy

It's figure flattering, and it's high neck ( almost like a built in snood) keeps the cold air out.. and you warm!

Rundholz Black Label Pullover (RH195074/ RH195075)

These pullovers are so soft! Slightly oversized... they look fantastic everyone!

Small hood detail with button at the neckline, which is lightweight and simply adds another dimension to the style!

Mama B -  Lusaka Dress (MB195248)

The beauty of this dress is in it's simplicity. It creates a slim-line silhouette without being too 'tight' and is made from the 'signature' cosy MamaB fabric that we all love!

Lurdes Bergada - Knitted Jacket & Pullover (LB195205 /LB195206)

The second delivery of Lurdes only arrived last week... now I remember why we were gushing over these knits when we went buying!

The knitted jacket has such a beautiful draped neckline that you can customise depending on how you button it up!

The pullover being slightly oversized (which is rarer for Lurdes) means you can easily layer this style!