Pastures New

With the days shortening and the temperature falling, outdoors adventures are a little bit more limited, and with a 'close to home' requirement needed to 'stay safe', me, my brother Martin and my hubby Tony have temporarily moved house. We are now, officially in a 'bubble'!

Martin and I are quite restless...both finding it impossible to sit we have found a wonderful house with indoor swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms, hot tubs, and also a games room for table tennis , pool billiards. and darts!

Not that I can yet hit a table tennis ball or throw a dart! (I am a keen swimmer though!)

Last week, the Walkers girls popped over for a visit and to take some photographs in the super sized spa area, and we enjoyed some carefully spaced fun. Laughter is always a key part of the job!

Even Gryff has found that 'pastures new' brings unexpected benefits...our extensive grounds offer him chickens, squirrels and hedgehogs, none of which we see very often at our own home besides the beach! Aldo on the other hand, is only interested in a chicken, if it has been roasted and chopped up into small pieces for his supper!

Love, Anne x