Flo's Favourites

Since becoming one of the official 'Walker's Girls' in April, I have fallen in love with clothes again!
I used to only live in jeans and hoodies as thats all I knew what to wear, but my eyes have been open to the possibilities of styles available, so here are some of my favourite outfits that I have had the opportunity to model here at Walkers.


I have suddenly found a new love for dresses! We offer so many here at walkers, that it's hard not to love the different materials and shapes available. I have found that the best shape for me is one that fits me at my bust and naturally flares from the waise in either a tulip style shape or a fit and flare.


I have always been a lover of wearing denim and jeans, as I find them so comfortable.

We have this new line from Pal Offner called Pxxx Off which have produced some of the best demin jeans that I have been able to wear. They are easy to style and can be worn with almost everything!

Knit Knit

Knit Knit is an unsung hero in my mind! Originating in Italy, their designs are sleek and simple, but most importantly, they are so soft against the skin!

If like me, you struggle with some fabrics causing a discomfort against your skin, then Knit Knit is the designer for you.