Festival Looks

By Sandie

For the first time ever, our town, which is on the most Easterly point of the UK is holding a 24 hour Festival over the Midsummer weekend...and so we thought 'what would we wear to a...

Rundholz Black Label Scarf Giveaway!!!

By Sandie

We have 30 Rundholz Black Label Penguin scarves to giveaway... the...

First delivery of Rundholz has arrived!!!

By Sandie

This week we have had our first delivery of Rundholz Dip. It was a small delivery of mesh gloves, socks and sleeves. The sleeves are a new style from Rundholz this season. They can be worn...

Nicki's Top Trousers...

By Nicki

Trousers always tend to be a little 'trickier' than buying a top. Everyone is a different shape, size... height.. need I go on!

I used to hate shopping for trousers on the...

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Hello, I am back....

By Sandie

If you didn't know I have been on maternity leave for the last year as I had my

daughter Bee last March. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes while I was ill last...

Choose Fashion Wisely and Save the Planet!

By Nicki

'Fast fashion' is the 'buy now, throw away tomorrow attitude' that has been gaining momentum over the last few years. Gone are the days where everyone invested in key pieces that had to last!...

Playing with Gender & Breaking the Rules

By Ottilie

Last week we sent a mailer highlighting the notion of style and fashion changing. Effortless dressing is becoming more on-trend and common with millenials. There was an...

Introducing NOR!

By Nicki

We are welcoming you to our new designer NOR! NOR is a Danish label founded in 2007 by designer Kirsten Nor. NOR develop their own fabrics, buttons and...